Protection of your surface or construction

Are you in need of tailor-made major or minor industrial cleaning work or paintworks? We, at Pattyn, guarantee you full quality and satisfaction. How do we achieve that? We make use of the most suitable products for every project, to the demands of the subsurface (wood, metal, plastic…) Each type of project (bridges, tunnels, tanks, machines and support structures) also requires specific equipment. We are ready to take on all your industrial paintworks.


The combination of water and oxygen could be fatal to your steel construction. For that reason, Pattyn makes use of anti-corrosion coatings for industrial and construction works. The result is a prolonged durability and a guarantee for long-term corrosion-resistance. For this type of assignments, our employees have been certified by the BCCA – (Belgian Construction Certification Association).

Concrete protection

Also your concrete façade, parking or warehouse floor usually has a lot to endure and deserves an additional protection layer. Apart from the classic methods to protect concrete, we can also apply anti-graffiti coatings.

Fire-resistant protection

Protecting your construction against fire can be done in different ways. For support structures in metal or concrete works, we use fire-resistant coatings or spray mortars. After the implementation, we produce a certificate to guarantee the fire-resistance of the construction.

Hygienic coatings

Do you work in the food industry? We can provide your infrastructure with hygienic coatings. These coatings are fungicidal and impede the growth of harmful organisms. After the works, we will issue a ‘food-approved’ certificate.

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