Sand and grit blasting

Sand blasting is still the ideal method to clean a subsurface and prepare it for the actual paintworks.

In situations where sandblasting does not suffice, we apply the grit blasting technique, using sharp-edged grit. During either sandblasting and grit blasting, the sand or grit grains are blown against the surface to be treated by means of compressed air.

We can also apply either technique to, for instance, roughen floors of car parks.

Eco-friendly mobile blasting system

The disadvantage of sand and grit blasting is the formation of dust. In order to eliminate this dust formation, Pattyn uses an eco-friendly blasting system, placing a mobile blast cabinet around the area to be blasted.
The advantages include less noise nuisance and no dust formation in the surrounding area. Also no waste will be left at the yard.

Water jetting

If dust formation is out of the question or if it is not possible to install a mobile blast cabinet, we will choose water jetting.

Blast cabinet in studio

In case the elements to be blasted can be moved, they can be treated in the blast cabinet in our workshop.
This blast cabinet is also used for blasting smaller industrial series.

Pattyn always uses professional equipment. This way we assure every subsurface and every construction to remain intact.

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